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If you experience any problems with some of the ThemeBurn products, you can post a topic in the appropriate category. We will try our best to answer any questions you have within 2 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays), but during busy periods this may take longer. Our time zone is Eastern European Time (EET) +0200 UTC and we are usually available between 10:00 AM and 18:00 PM.

This forum is only intended to offer support for setting up your themes/plugins and addressing any bugs you encounter with them. We don’t support 3rd party items, but we always try to provide some reasonable help or give hints when it’s appropriate.

Please note, that there is no ‘urgency’, ‘importance’ or ‘ASAP’ priority in the support questions. They are processed in order and we reply to oldest topics first. So, when you bump a topic (intentionally or not) it goes backwards in the support queue.

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Support Policy (read before posting)

in: General Questions

1 1 1811 days  TB Support
Pavilion 2 has been released!

2 3 71 days  TB Support


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Update from BurnEngine v1.0.0-beta.1.2 to BurnEngine v1.0.7

in: BurnEngine

2 8 25 mins  TB Support
[Resolved] BLOG

in: Kiddos OpenCart Theme

2 11 3 hours  gardenvista
Sisow Ideal Payment method extension does not work.

in: Shoppica 2 OpenCart Theme

3 13 7 hours  theblue30
Installed Shoppica 3, error on main page.

in: Shoppica OpenCart Theme

2 5 10 hours  smileyfacemandude
What controls the box around the OPTIONS?

in: Pavilion OpenCart Theme

2 5 18 hours  looserfoot
SEO URL´s for Pavilion theme Blog module "Stories" are not showing correctly

in: Pavilion OpenCart Theme

2 8 20 hours  TB Support
Facebook Like button box issue & how to add fb share button

in: BurnEngine

2 2 21 hours  TB Support
Can't find where change lineheight for page title

in: BurnEngine

2 3 21 hours  onejak
Showing net prices large and gross pricing small.

in: Pavilion OpenCart Theme

2 2 22 hours  TB Support
Products are not displaying correctly on the home page

in: BurnEngine

2 9 22 hours  TB Support
Languages error

in: BurnEngine

2 2 23 hours  TB Support
Documentation for Extensions

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1 day  eugeneteo
upgrade pavilion v1.2.9 to Pavilion Minimal v2.0.2 (BE 1.0.7) opencart Version

in: BurnEngine

2 3 2 days  Amadeus0926
[Resolved] How to set not show slider on mobile devices?

in: BurnEngine

2 5 2 days  onejak
How could i change the footer color text

in: Kiddos OpenCart Theme

1 1 2 days  bebeksaurus
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