Mobile header breaks to blocks from 583px screen width

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The mobile header on devices below 583 pixels are displayed as blocks. This takes to much screen space and I want to display logo and menu/cart (tbToggleButtons) inline. Logo left and tbToggleButtons right.

How to fix this?

May 8, 2018 at 4:36 pm #64171


Can you please provide some more information? For the moment we are not able to fully understand your request. If appropriate, you can attach some screenshots to better illustrate, what exactly you mean.

ThemeBurn team

May 11, 2018 at 3:29 pm #64219

Please look at attachment. I have tried to show the ideal situation.


May 18, 2018 at 6:17 pm #64277

Hi George,

You will need some extra code:

@media (max-width: 768px) {
  .tbLogoCol {
    flex-direction: row !important;
  .tbToggleButtons {
    margin-top: 0 !important;

Add these styles from the Theme CP > Theme Settings > Custom > Custom Stylesheet text field.

ThemeBurn team

May 22, 2018 at 5:40 pm #64302

Works. Great solution. Thank you very much TB!

May 22, 2018 at 5:48 pm #64303

Glad we’ve helped, mate :)

ThemeBurn team

May 25, 2018 at 2:17 pm #64353
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