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I have a problem with SEO pack, Editor Search function. Trying to search a word I receive the error:
Fatal error: ‘Error: Table ‘mydatabasename.oc_url_alias’ doesn’t exist
Error No: 1146
main_table.category_id AS id,
name AS lang_field FROM oc_category AS main_table LEFT JOIN oc_category_description AS lang_table ON main_table.category_id = lang_table.category_id WHERE 1 AND main_table.status = 1 AND language_id = 2 AND
(name LIKE “%searchedword%” OR meta_title LIKE “%searchedword%” OR meta_description LIKE “%searchedword%”)
main_table.category_id IN (
SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX( query, “=”, -1 ) AS item_id
FROM oc_url_alias
WHERE `keyword` LIKE “%searchedword%”
) LIMIT 0,15′
in /home/test/public_html/oc/system/library/db/mysqli.php:40
Stack trace:
#0 system/library/db.php(45): DB\MySQLi->query(‘SELECT\r\n …’)
#1 system/vendor/BurnEngine/extension/seo/admin/model/generatorModel.php(951): DB->query(‘SELECT\r\n …’)
#2 system/vendor/BurnEngine/extension/seo/admin/controller/DefaultController.php(81): Seo_Admin_GeneratorModel->getRecords(‘category’, Array, Array)
#3 system/vendor/BurnEngine/extension/seo/admin/controller/DefaultController.php(60): Seo_Admin_DefaultController->getEditorLanguage(‘category’, Array)
#4 [internal function]: Seo_Admin_DefaultController->editorPage()
#5 system/vendor/BurnEngine/library/AdminDispatcher.php(95): call_user_func(Array)
#6 system/vendor/BurnEngine/admin/controller/ModuleController.php(78): TB_AdminDispatcher->dispatch(‘seo’, ‘default’, ‘editorPage’)
#7 [internal function]: Theme_Admin_ModuleController->index()
#8 /home/test/storage/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#9 admin/controller/startup/router.php(26): Action->execute(Object(Registry), Array)
#10 [internal function]: ControllerStartupRouter->index()
#11 /home/test/storage/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#12 /home/test/storage/modification/system/engine/router.php(71): Action->execute(Object(Registry))
#13 /home/test/storage/modification/system/engine/router.php(60): Router->execute(Object(Action))
#14 system/framework.php(165): Router->dispatch(Object(Action), Object(Action))
#15 system/startup.php(104): require_once(‘/home/test/publ…’)
#16 admin/index.php(19): start(‘admin’)
#17 {main}

I’m using OC + Pavilion 2.3.2. – fresh installation, nothing has been changed.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

March 26, 2019 at 4:36 pm #67595


We will need the website url, admin and ftp access, so we can check.

You can use hidepost to share private information with the support staff.

ThemeBurn team

March 27, 2019 at 9:57 am #67602

please find the details below:

March 27, 2019 at 4:28 pm #67622
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