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A major Shoppica update came out to bring easier third party plugin update process and meet new Envato standards.

What is new?

- All plugins (Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Uno Slider) are no more integrated with the theme and can be updated separately, when new version comes out
- Custom footer
- Updated Visual Composer Components
- Two different site widths
- 3 column page layout
- Font Awesome icons
- Improved responsive design
- Theme structure rewrite to meet new Envato standards

And many more updates and fixes.

If you have any interesting idea for new features, you can suggest in this topic and we will try to include it with future versions.


Be aware that Shoppica 1.x. settings cannot be transferred to 2.x. and you will have to configure your theme options again.

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April 17, 2015 at 10:22 am #40117

I’ve just upgraded to Shoppica v2.0.0b. It has caused alot of problems with my site which I have yet to fix. I’m using a dev site which I’ve temporarily unprotected so can send you links, here is a list of the problems:

1) Please can you update the website with details of the new theme and the demo site. I use this to check issues.

2) The old theme had a ‘product category’ and ‘single product’ sidebar in widgets. These are not available now through widgets area but are also not available in the new theme options area. There is only one called ‘layout > woocommerce’. This causes the sidebar to appear on the final product page only but not the ‘category’ listing page. E.g. (this works using the v1.6 theme).

Is only one sidebar now available for the woo sections?

3) Also the new theme listing styling is all broken. The list items have a solid background colour on them. e.g.

4) Also on the product detail page the styles have broken, the product image has dropped below the ‘SKU/detail area’.

5) On the product listing pages, e.g. where we the icons for ‘grid’ and ‘list’ and drop downs, the styles are broken. The padding at the top is missing (have added in custom .css for time being), the icons and drop down are indented too much left and right.

6) Contact Form – There is no form builder with the site so I am using ‘Contact Form 7′. The form fields all display badly. I have tested this by adding a dummy page with a contact template, then copied the raw html/div layouts into Contact Form 7. This works. When I add back the ‘Contact Form 7′ objects and view the results all the input fields are indented 165px. The Text area box won’t go full width. e.g. (have had to manually add a 0px custom .css). Input fields are also not wide enough.

7) The footer templates is a nice additional but it doesn’t let me use existing plugins e.g. social media widget. All I wanted to do was add the facebook/twitter logos but now have had to do it manually in raw html.

8) The layerslider, I used to have a button on the screen. Because all the styles have changed the css no longer worked. I’ve had to manually copy the .css from the old theme into the theme options to make the button work again. (This is an example of the theme demo site needing to be live on themeforest, so I can copy the .csss for it)

9) I still can’t see how to add a mega menu. The option appears if I change to another theme I have?

I would appreciate some answers to these problems as too much of my site has broken layout as a result of the theme update.

Thank you.

May 29, 2015 at 12:57 pm #41217


I would like to upgrade, where can I download the new files? There is no more Shoppica for WP in Themeforest….


September 29, 2015 at 5:58 am #43312
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