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I am trying to upgrade from Pavilion 1.2.7 without success.

After I upload the latest files, i try to install Burn Engine with the option to Upgrade (I would like to keep the existing styling and al other settings) however at progrs 56% I receive the error “something went wrong, please contact support”

I am trying to revert to the latest backup as the site become unaccesable. Please advise how to upgrade without loosing all the style/menu composer etc settings.

O.C.  version, multistore setup, several lines of custom code in theme settings.

Thank you

March 4, 2018 at 1:57 am #63683

Hello, I have an update:
I requested a full database and site restore from hosting and started over, now with the other option (delete pavilion) and start from 0.

This did not work as expected either. At first the page was displayed without any design elements(was displayed mostly text), and all pages were receiving the page not found error(as if SEO URL did not work/exist).
Error log displayed several times “Fatal error: call to undefined function fb() in index php line 266″
After commenting out everything below // Dispatch in index.php the design elements were displayed and the store appeared with the basic design applied from burnengine (went with minimal blue template) hovewer all pages we tried to acces still displayed page cannot be found error.

After rigurosly checking htaccess, index.php, seo url and several other settings, I finally gave up and made another full restore.

Now the site is working with the old pavilion installed.

I would like to ask for help to be able to upgrade to BurnEngine. I really liked the new functions.

If some design features can be moved from the old Pavilion to the new BurnEngine, it would make things smoother.
If not, I will be happy with a clean install too and apply a template, the most important is to get the site to work properly with new BurnEngine and not lose our SEO URL-s.

I remember that back when I purchased pavilion It was necessarry for you to do some work in the backend in order to make it work properly, it is possible that the upgrade will need the same. Unortunately I do not know what had to be modified then.

Thank you in advance!

March 4, 2018 at 11:10 pm #63690

Do you need further details? Almost 2 werks passed with no reply…

March 15, 2018 at 9:38 pm #63726
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