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I´m feeling very frustrated, I can not understand how to set everything on Burnengine.
I purchased a Technopolis theme, I have read your whole documentation, your user manual, and after that I can not understand anything. Your documentation is not very clear, not useful.

I spent hours, a waste of time, submitting question after question in your forum to your TB Support, and after that i¨m just at the begginning. At this rate it will take me a thousand years to master how to set a shop with the Burnengine.

So why you don´t make a simple video explaining HOW TO?
Not to much videos, ONLY ONE VIDEO to help clients and to advertise your product and increase sales, please think about !!!

Here is an example of what I´m telling you, this simple video, very short, but very useful was edited by an usser, not for you, because you didn´t have the idea, not yet: The following is the only video in the whole Youtube:

You spent hundred of hours answering technicall questions on your forum, why you don´t use a little of your time to edit a simple video, it can answer 80% of the questions, it can save you hundred of hours of answering the most simple and silly questions. And the best of all you´ll make customers happy

Please give to your support team a break.
Its unnecesary for them to be answering simple and silly questions, becouse we, your customers are completly disorientated.

Your product is very good, but what is the point if we can not know how to use it.

Please take the example and put your hands on work. Don´t edit very nice videos that will take so long and much time to edit. Edit a simple video to start, only one, It only will take you 10 minutes, use Camtasia, Snagit or whatever. If you need a software I can provide you free of charge. But do something,

I can see in the forum many people frustrated as me, I´m not the only one !! See the attached picture to figure out what I´m saying

How much time you will wait untill doing something. How much dissapointed clients will you have untill you do something?

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December 10, 2016 at 4:38 am #54208


Everything you’ve said is true. We will see, if we can do something about. Hope we will have enough time. Fingers crossed, no promise.

ThemeBurn team

December 15, 2016 at 2:26 pm #54355
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