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If you experience any problems with some of the ThemeBurn products, you can post a topic in the appropriate category. We will try our best to answer any questions you have within 2 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays), but during busy periods this may take longer. Our time zone is Eastern European Time (EET) +0200 UTC and we are usually available between 10:00 AM and 18:00 PM.

This forum is only intended to offer support for setting up your themes/plugins and addressing any bugs you encounter with them. We don’t support 3rd party items, but we always try to provide some reasonable help or give hints when it’s appropriate.

Please note, that there is no ‘urgency’, ‘importance’ or ‘ASAP’ priority in the support questions. They are processed in order and we reply to oldest topics first. So, when you bump a topic (intentionally or not) it goes backwards in the support queue.

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in: BurnEngine

1 1 1211 days  jinalis92
OC 3.0.3 and Burn Engine

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1241 days  Wifialarm
BurnEngine error

in: Shoppica OpenCart Theme

2 3 1263 days  hipshop
Jquery Accordion Destroy Function Error after Upgradeing Jquery

in: Shoppica 2 OpenCart Theme

1 1 1267 days  protechtrader
Errore irreversibile

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1276 days  marcobo
Organie OpenCart grid view trouble

in: BurnEngine

1 3 1284 days  RainyMike
infinite loop

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1317 days  icaroamb
the extra product fields redirect to home page

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1340 days  gip2012
Mega menu

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1353 days  drukpromo
Save settings doesn’t work

in: Pavilion OpenCart Theme

3 13 1371 days  coinmad
Enable ad to cart button when price is 0

in: Pavilion OpenCart Theme

3 3 1382 days  MNaef
cant go to payment step in checkout

in: Kiddos OpenCart Theme

1 1 1391 days  drakas
Remove link from categories

in: Technopolis OpenCart Theme

2 3 1412 days  andar82
[Not a support question] Page builder endless loading

in: BurnEngine

3 8 1412 days  andar82
Hide Main Category in header mobile view

in: BurnEngine

1 1 1416 days  geranmo
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