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Highly customizable product filtering and faceted search for OpenCart. This is the recommended filtering extension for Pavilion theme.

Additional features include:

- Compatible with SEO URLs
- AJAX requests (without reloading the page)
- Config collapsed by default for all filters
- Config sort order
- Support OpenCart Filters
- Ability to turn on/off any attributes
- Support multi store, multi language, multi layout select
- You can select categories for which the module will be active
- Set custom tab names
- You can customize filters separately for each category/layout
- Vertical/Horizontal position
- Ability to sort the attribute values
- Possibility to set images for attributes

Extension page:



OpenCart – 1.5.5.x / 1.5.6.x
OpenCart – 2.0.1.x


1) Enter the “Mega Filter PRO” admin panel, select the TB_Widgets layout for the module and enter sort order.

2) In “Mega Filter PRO” admin panel, go to Settings -> Javascript and enter the following string in “Content selector (in JavaScript)” input field:


3) If you use ajax reload, you should add the following code in the afterRender section of the “Javascript custom code” setting:

element_query('.tb_listing_options', '1000,650,350,0');

If you run MFP for OpenCart 1.5, you should add this in the beforeRequest section:

tbUtils.MFP_view_type = $('.tb_system_products .tb_listing_options .display').clone();

and this one in the afterRender section:

$('.tb_system_products .tb_listing_options .display').html(tbUtils.MFP_view_type.html());

Make sure you do step 2 and 3 for both module default settings and already inserted instances!

4) You should be able now to add Mega Filter Pro instances in Pavilion page builder.

For example, go to Page Builder and select the ‘Left Column Area’. Then choose the ‘All categories’ scope. Create a row and drag the OC Mega_filter 1 block inside:

5) Small screen devices can have the MFP module as a hidden floating box, that can be toggled with a button. In order to enable this feature, you need to hide your filter for small screens. You can use Bootstrap responsive utility classes:


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