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Before asking your support questions there are a few tips we would like to share with you. By following these tips your questions and issues can be resolved in a much quicker time frame. We’d like to thank you for doing business with us and we hope that your time with our support is quick and helpful.

1 – Search

Before anything else make sure to search the forum and the documentation for your problem. It is very likely that your question has already been answered.

2 – Update your theme/plugin

On a regular basis we will release updates to our themes and plugins which will fix bugs and add new features. Make sure that you are running the latest version of our themes/plugins. Also make sure that you update (if possible) the underlying system (OpenCart for example) to the current stable release.

3 – 3rd Party Plugins

Using plugins from other developers can sometimes introduce display issues and/or errors. Ideally all of the plugins should live happy together but practically that’s not always the case. Make sure to disable your plugins to check if there is a conflict. If your problem does not appear when your plugins are disabled then activate them one by one to see which one is causing the problem.

We do not support third party plugins but we will surely check if the cause of your problem is in our code. It would be best to get in contact with the plugin author though and let him know of your problem before proceeding.

4 – Describing the problem

Please, try to write a descriptive and clear title of your problem. This will help other users searching for similar problem. Using words like help!! or urgent!!, CAPITAL LETTERS or multiple exclamation marks !!!!! will get you nowhere.

Bad title example: “Problem with my theme !!!!”
Good title example: “Shopping Cart display issue when user is logged in”

When you write your post we will need an accurate description of your problem. Sometimes just text alone is not enough so it is extremely helpful if you include a link to your page or take a screenshot and highlight which areas you are having trouble with.

If you have done any customizations then make sure to tell us this. Also, always supply plugin/theme version and your browser’s name and version.

Beware: You can attach only images (png, jpg, gif) or .zip files. Any other extension is disabled for uploading.

There is no ‘urgency’ or ‘importance’ hierarchy in the topics. The support questions are processed in order, regardless of how urgent and pressing they are for their author. Generally, we reply to oldest topics first. So, when you bump a topic (intentionally or not) it goes backwards in the support queue.

5 – Website access

Sometimes we may not be able to reproduce your problem locally and will need to access your live environment. In this case we will need admin and ftp access, so we can identify an issue.

6 – Customizations

We try and be as helpful as we can to our customers but there will always be some requests that are above and beyond our level of free support. If we decide that your request would be considered custom work then it would be best to hire a freelancer to get this taken care of for you.

Generally we are also available for freelance, so you can check our rates and send us an email to get a quote. We prefer to get the job done in time instead of having tens of angry customers blaming us for delay, so if we are busy, we would gently decline your request for custom work.
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August 11, 2011 at 12:19 pm #458

קנאביס רפואי

November 18, 2014 at 10:56 pm #34548


November 21, 2014 at 6:27 pm #34683


i installed shopica theme in opencart but i am not able to import your sample data its loading but nothing is importing whats wrong can u check it please


April 27, 2019 at 8:54 pm #67721

we have big issue causes your theme the issue appeared after 6 months if we press refresh button in modifications it will appear , and that stoped me to work any thing !!!

please reply faster to us we have a lot of work ..

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October 15, 2019 at 1:46 pm #67941

Funny :D

October 17, 2019 at 8:35 am #67944
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