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I have custom page that list products.
With pagination.
Same as categories.
But i can not make design to look same as your theme.

I tried to copy category.tpl code in vendor.tpl . ( route is product/vendor ) and i replaced category word with vendor.

But is not working. Can you give me some directions here.

February 5, 2018 at 1:01 am #63421


Here are the steps:

1) Copy category.tpl in your vendor.tpl.

2) In the vendor template replace the following:




3) In the same template replace routes:


with the one of the new template:


4) Open system/vendor/BurnEngine/config/system_widgets/product/ and duplicate the category.php with a new name: vendor.php

5) Edit the new vendor.php file and:

- change the route value to product/vendor
- remove this entire code block:

2 => array(
    'label'  => 'Category thumb',
    'slot'   => 'category_thumb',
    'areas'  => 'content, intro, column_left, column_right',
    'locked' => false
3 => array(
    'label'  => 'Category description',
    'slot'   => 'category_description',
    'areas'  => 'content, intro, column_left, column_right',
    'locked' => false
4 => array(
    'label'  => 'Subcategories',
    'slot'   => 'subcategory_listing',
    'areas'  => 'content, intro, column_left, column_right',
    'class'  => 'Theme_SubcategoriesSystemWidget',
    'locked' => true

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February 12, 2018 at 11:45 pm #63527
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