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Hi, TB,

1. Maybe you can write some short instruction manual how to use slider or you can answer to few questions? I understand how I can create it, but my way is very long. Why? For example I use in slider good feature – Layer>Styles>Position> …Top, Left, Bottom and Right. With them I can put my text or image where I want, but … if I want use few Layers in one row (example – TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXT3, … or image to) I have one problem.
Before describing the problem I want explain why I some time need text in one row. See at the image “01-example.jpg”. There you can see TEXT and different delay times. When user come to website they first see text TEXT1. After delay 1000 TEXT-VERY-LONG2, etc. I don’t want all text write to one row ant it start in one time. I hope you understand what I mean.
When I create Layer1 ant there is the TEXT1 I can position them in place where I want. For example Left side and Bottom 40 px. There is no problem. When I create second, Layer2 with text TEXT-VERY-LONG2, I can put them to Bottom, for example 40 px, but when I want place this text in some row, after TEXT1 (example: “TEXT1” …. here 40 px space …. “TEXT-VERY-LONG2”) I don’t know how many px I must write in Left tab (Layer2>Styles>Position>Left “tab for pixels”. Firs I writing around, for example 200 px. After save I see on website where is my the next one text from Layer2. If they are on the top of the first text or too very far right I writing another number, for example 190, 180, etc. I can’t calculate from desktop. If I writing to the tab some number, for example 40px on desktop I see another number, for example 70. I think that is because design is responsive.
Can you advice how I can control object’s positioning in fire slider?

2. How I can sort Slides in Slider?
For example when I create first slide “Slide 1″ and after “Slide 2″, on website Slide 1 always will be first. That is normal. But if I want change sorting, I tried drag and drop “Slide 1″ to the bottom “Slide 2″. After save nothing change. I know how to cheat. Slide1 I dublicate. This slide become Slide3. After that I delate Slide1 and I have good result. Is this right the way?

3. How to do that interval between Slide1 and Slide2 I can control?
Now after the last Layer in Slide1, Slide2 starting immediately. I would like I can control time for each Slide. It can be same. For example Slide1 users can see 15 seconds, Slide2 also 15 sec. Now, Slide2 starting immediately after Slide1.

Best regards!

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