Can’t upload images in Image Manager when in blog stories, I get …Directory does not exist! error.

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I have looked into this issue in the current topics and found a solution to my original Image Manager issue, which was it not coming up when clicked but instead logging me out of the OC admin. I found the solution in this topic page;

I used the zip you provided in that solution for my current Shoppica theme, which is a recent version I just pulled from Themeforrest about a month ago. The new files from the zip did help to get the Image Manager to pop-up correctly. However, I am getting “Warning: Directory does not exist!” error when I try to upload an image to it within the blog story, I can use any current image in there though.

I’ve ran into this issue for the standard admin areas; ie. product image uploads. I’ve had to make some adjustments to three files within the Opencart files because of the same warning in order to fix it. The three files were to the main config file and admin config file, adjusting the url’s, and to the filesmanager.php file within admin/controller/common/. In that file I had to add a / at the end of each catalog in DIR_IMAGE . ‘catalog/’ around line 205 and 300. Here is a link to that issue solution:

So my main question is, which line(s) do I need to adjust and how of those replacement files from that zip, or any other files, to get the upload function to work?

Let me know if you need more info. The website I’m working on is

Thank you.

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