How to hide a part from your reply content?

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It is sometimes necessary to post specific information about your site to help the support in identifying the problem. Such information can include FTP, admin details, link to hidden url etc. You may not want to share it with the rest of the world, so here is easy way to protect this information and make it visible only for the forum administrators.

Just enclose the desired content part in [hidepost] [/hidepost] tags as in this sample post:

Hello, to access my site you need....

pass: 12345

Thanks for the help!

The text wrapped between the two [hidepost] [/hidepost] tags becomes invisible to the public. Only you and ‘TB Support’ can see it. You can have many rows and sentences between the ‘hidepost’ tags.

You can easily test that you have successfully hidden your content by browsing the topic as a guest (just log out or open the post in another browser where you are not logged in). You should see blank space in the place of your hidden content:

Hello, to access my site you need....

Thanks for the help!

It is recommended to do such a quick test because you could accidentally omit the closing tag or make a spelling mistake ([hidpost] for example).

Although the information is hidden for other users, it is always a good idea to create temporary FTP account or admin user and delete it (or change the password) after the problem is resolved.

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